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  Interior Design Projects

Interior Designing gives me the perfect opportunity to help make our homes and work places a solid support to our bodies, minds and spirits. These interior spaces should enhance our work experiences and our busy lives, while helping us practice healthy, sustainable living. I strive to maximize every square foot, help us stay better organized, support our special needs, allow us to stay in our homes for as long as we chose, giving access to the outdoors - all while surrounding ourselves with aesthetic beauty.

Marin Designer Showcase

San Rafael, CA


Armed with all the information I had gleaned from my research started in 1988, I created a "Sustainable and Healthy Foyer" in this Designer Showcase house. The project caught the attention of "House Beautiful" magazine, and many who visited, scratching their heads about this new thing called “green.”

Belmont Residence

S. San Francisco, CA


I was asked to design and outfit this new residence for a couple living outside the US. Designs, furnishings, window treatments, custom carpets, and all lighting and accessories were my responsibility so that the couple and their family could arrive to a beautiful, "move in ready" home.

Custom Furnishings

Mill Valley, CA

My work in this residence included the extensive renovation of the family room/office, and the master bedroom and bath. This was one of my earlier green projects, with lots of challenges finding green materials and products.

Health Magazine's

"Room Doctor"

Health Magazine asked me to be their "Room Doctor" for the two winning homes of their annual room makeover competition. I redesigned their 'problem' areas and used the greenest and healthiest material and products I could find. Here's the link to the article about the project in Health Magazine.

Ultra-Healthy Residence

Mill Valley, CA

I've work for years with this great chemically-sensitive client to find ways to meet her lovely aesthetics sense while keeping her healthy and safe. We’ve worked together on two homes: master bedrooms, nurseries, their daughters’ rooms, rehabbing a kitchen and custom designed a number of pieces of furniture.

Biltmore Park Residence Asheville, NC

This large ‘model home’ needed lots of architectural detailing, and aesthetic and design improvements. We added energy-efficient kitchen appliances, designed a custom 3-stage whole-house water filtration system, and created a luxurious master bedroom, bath and walk-in closet in that space above the garage.​

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